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Buffalo is a great place to live and work. It truly does feel like the land of 1,000 lakes. The location is outstanding as well. Even though it’s only about a half hour outside Minneapolis, it sometimes feels much further away. So, the community has that sought-after feeling of rural placidity to go with big-city convenience. Buffalo has some big-city aspects as well, including vibrant community theater and other cultural enrichment activities.

Ever since the first white settlers arrived in the 1850s, Buffalo families have faced many of the same issues. As is common in many smaller communities, Wright County criminal prosecutors are very aggressive because the juries are usually very conservative. As the area grew, negligence became a bigger and bigger problem. Today, car crashes, dog bites, slip-and-fall injuries, and other such incidents are all too common. Furthermore, all families struggle with divorce and other such issues at one time or another.

In times like these, the legal professionals at Carlson & Jones offer experienced and assertive representation. Our attorneys have more than a half-century of combined experience. Plus, they are backed up by a dedicated team of paralegals and other professional staff. Our Buffalo Lawyers are also aggressive problem-solvers. In court and at the negotiating table, we stand up for your legal and financial rights. We work diligently to find long-term and cost-effective solutions to the legal issues that crop up in your life.

How Can A Buffalo MN Personal Injury Attorney Make a Difference?

Often, the hospital bills from a car crash or other injury in Minnesota can exceed $100,000. This amount does not include other medical bills, such as physical rehabilitation, or other economic losses, such as lost wages.A physical injury means noneconomic losses as well. Victims deserve to be compensated for their pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment in life, and other items. Of course, money alone cannot fully make up for these losses. But it can make the suffering a little more bearable, and your family deserves the easiest possible path to recovery.

At Carson & Jones, we fight for your Buffalo MN Personal Injury case. This fight begins before the first court documents are filed. We provide thorough consultations where our lawyers give you solid legal advice. Then, we meticulously collect evidence on your behalf. Then, we use proven methods to shape this evidence into a compelling case for compensation.

In addition to higher compensation, victims who partner with Carlson & Jones obtain peace of mind. They know that we are working hard for them. So, instead of worrying about their claims, they just concentrate on getting better.

There’s more. A Buffalo MN Personal Injury Attorney can work with medical providers and arrange for lower medical bills. Furthermore, experienced Buffalo Lawyers like the ones at Carlson & Jones can connect victims with experienced doctors, even if the victims have no money or insurance. So, you get the treatment you need instead of just the treatment you can afford. That usually makes a big difference.

Common Personal Injury Cases in Minnesota Our Buffalo Lawyers Will Fight For You On

Why Should I Hire a Buffalo MN Criminal Defense Attorney?

Wright County Criminal Defendants have the right to counsel whether they can afford a lawyer or not. However, such assistance usually comes with strings attached. Furthermore, such defendants usually have no voice in the selection process.If you or a loved one was charged with a criminal offense in Buffalo, do not leave the matter to chance. Our Buffalo Lawyers are highly experienced in matters like:

  • DUI,
  • Drug crimes,
  • Juvenile offenses,
  • Sex crimes, and
  • Restraining Orders.

Moreover, Carlson & Jones attorneys have experience in Wright County. That’s very important, because each county has its own unique rules and procedures. Many of these rules are unwritten. So, instead of learning procedure on the job, our attorneys are 100 percent focused on a vigorous Buffalo MN Criminal Defense.

We also offer representation in post-trial matters, like criminal appeals, probation or parole violation hearings, and record expunction proceedings.

Who Will Be My Buffalo MN Divorce Lawyer?

Most Buffalo MN Family Law litigants agree on broad, general principles. For example, they all believe that child custody decisions should be in the children’s best interests. However, they often disagree sharply as to the specifics, such as the mechanics of a parenting time plan or the amount of child support.That’s where a Buffalo MN Divorce Attorney steps in. Carlson & Jones lawyers are committed to the overall picture as well as your legal and financial rights. So, we support the best interests of the children in child custody matters. In fact, Wring County judges sometimes appoint our lawyers to serve as guardian ad litems for children. At the same time, we stand up and speak out for you. We work to make sure the parenting timeshare agreement and the amount of support accurately reflect the facts, the law, and the family’s needs.

We’ve represented Buffalo families for over a half-century, and we want to represent you as well. In all three of our practice areas, our passion is bringing justice to our clients.

Whatever legal situation your family faces, an experienced and aggressive attorney is often the difference between obtaining the best possible outcome under the circumstances and wondering “what if.” To experience this feeling for yourself, contact the experienced Buffalo MN Lawyers at Carlson & Jones, P.A. for a free consultation. We routinely handle cases in Wright County and nearby jurisdictions.

Common Family Law Cases in Minnesota Our Buffalo Lawyers Will Support You On

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